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We subscribe to the "Health on the Net" HONcode privacy guidelines.  These require us to include the following information for you.

This web site is funded by Amarillo Medical Specialists, LLP (AMS) for the exclusive use of established patients of AMS.  There are no corporate sponsors, and we do not accept any advertising fees of any kind. All links on these pages are being provided at no charge to any company or hospital. There is no other commercial or non-commercial support for these pages other than AMS.

This site does not collect any medical information from its users. 

Confidentiality of data relating to individual patients and visitors to a medical/health Web site, including their identity, is respected by this Web site. The Web site owners undertake to honor or exceed the legal requirements of medical/health information privacy that apply in the country and state where the Web site is located.

Texas Medical Board Disclosures

The Texas Medical Board has adopted a list of disclosures required for medical internet sites. The following statements are designed to fully comply with the current TMB requirements on internet medicine.

Amarillo Medical Specialists, LLP and its partners do not practice medicine via this site.  We provide general health education information, and information about our doctors on this site, however no internet based services are provided here. We do have a 'patient portal' available that provides limited services, however you must be an established patient previously seen in our office to access this service. You may obtain information on the portal service at the time of your next office visit.

This site is owned by Amarillo Medical Specialists, LLP. Our mailing address is 1215 S. Coulter Street, Suite 400, Amarillo, Texas 79106. For questions about this site you may contact us at (806) 358-8331.

All of the doctors in our group are licensed in the State of Texas.

There are no fees for viewing this site. We do not sell any information, products or services via this web site.

A separate patient portal web site known as "Healow" is available to established patients to review their lab data, request appointments or refills, and ask questions. The portal requires registration in our office. There are no fees to browse the portal to obtain your information, request refills, or request appointments. There may be a charge if you initiate a request for a medical opinion or medical advice from the doctor. We will bill the standard allowable fees to your insurance company, and your insurance company may require us to bill and collect a co-payment from you. This service is known as a "web visit" or a "virtual checkin" and generally costs less than an office visit. For more information, or to sign up for the portal, please contact the doctor's office by telephone or in person.

This site is designed to provide general information for existing Amarillo Medical Specialists, LLP patients. Viewing this site does not establish a doctor patient relationship. Non-patients who wish to view this site may do so; however no specific medical information, diagnosis, or treatment is provided for any reader. We do not provide any emergency services for readers of our site. If you have an emergency you should contact your personal physician by telephone or proceed immediately to an emergency room. For established patients, we have doctors on call for us nights and weekends who may be contacted by calling the direct number listed on our site for each doctor.

Because of timeliness and privacy concerns, we do not use this site to communicate with patients. We encourage the use of our portal to send us messages securely and confidentially. You may also call us at the telephone numbers listed on our web pages and a staff member will speak with you.

The fastest way to obtain medication refills, is to ask your pharmacy to transmit a refill request electronically via Surescripts. These requests go immediately to our offices, and are typically evaluated within 1 business day or the same day. Alternatively, you may use our web portal to send us a refill request, or call the office on the telephone. 

We do not collect any personal information on you via this web site. Please read  (above) for information on how private health information is handled in our offices.

If you wish to access, supplement, and amend patient-provided personal health information, please follow the instructions in our HIPAA disclosure. Portal users may use the patient portal to update their health information at no charge.

We sincerely want all of our patients to have a pleasant and health promoting experience at our offices. If you have any problems, or complaints, we ask that you contact your doctor to resolve any issues first. Alternatively, you may contact the managing partner at (806) 677-2022 and leave a message so that we can contact you, and help resolve any problems for you. We encourage you to let us know of any problems or concerns. Our group typically wants to hear about any problems you find (no matter how minor).


You may also file complaints to the Texas Medical Board, contact:

Texas Medical Board

Attention: Investigations    333 Guadalupe, Tower 3, Suite 610

P.O. Box 2018, MC-263

Austin, Texas 78768-2018

Assistance in filing a complaint is available by calling the following telephone number:


For more information, the TMB  website is at  http://www.tmb.state.tx.us/

To provide comments or feedback regarding the site and the quality of information and services, contact:

William C Biggs, MD

Managing Partner

1215 S. Coulter St, Ste 400

Amarillo, TX 79106

Email messages to us can potentially be read in transit by third parties, and we discourage you from using Email for any messages that you feel are sensitive or confidential. In addition, Email messages may not be read in a timely fashion, thus we ask that you call us for medical problems rather than use Email.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our web pages.