Looking for a doctor with the least wait time?

The following doctors have the capacity to see new patients in the shortest amount of time. Please call the number below to schedule an appointment.

Primary Care /Internal Medicine: Nam Do, MD (806) 355-9741

Pulmonary (Lung) Medicine : Kalil Al-Nassir, MD, FACP, FCCP (806) 677-2030 

Psychiatry : Kathryn McNeil, MD (806) 677-7603

Gynecology: Estelle Archer, MD (806) 353-3061

Endocrinology/Diabetes: Cesar Arias MD (806) 358-8331

 William Biggs MD, Freida Toler FNP, Lori Wilhelm FNP (806) 358-8331

Nephrology: Milton Giron, MD (806) 358-8477