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From Left to Right 

Stephen J Usala, MD PhD ,  Cesar Arias, MD FACE ,  L Edwin Dodson, MD ,

William C Biggs MD FACE ECNU , Kenny M Brantley, MD PhD

 Susan Wingo, MD (not pictured)

We welcome new and returning patients.

AMS Endocrinology specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of hormonal and glandular problems such as:

  • Thyroid diseases
  • Diabetes and its complications
  • Pituitary diseases
  • Osteoporosis
  • Calcium metabolism
  • Adrenal gland diseases
  • Growth disorders
  • Disorders of sexual development

Amarillo Medical Specialists has the largest endocrinology staff in the region. Our on-site laboratory processes most of our endocrine studies, allowing us to have direct control of the quality assurance process, and rapid reporting to our staff and our patients via our integrated Electronic Medical Record system. 


What sets us apart:

  • All of our doctors and staff have a special interest in endocrine problems, either from personal experience with the disease, family members who are affected, or special training.
  • We communicate with you. We take the time necessary to talk with you at your visits, and we are easily accessible by phone, or by our web portal.
  • You can see the results of your tests online , for any blood tests or imaging that we do in our office.
  • We communicate with your primary care doctor. We fax results of your visits to them, and are available to discuss your care with them when they call.
  • Our endocrine and diabetes team is available 24/7.  We always have doctor or nurse on call for established patients.
  • If you are in the hospital, we can help you there too. Particularly for diabetes and adrenal patients, having help with management when you have surgery or an illness can make a difference.

Diabetes :

Diabetes can be a tough problem, and we want to help. Our group sees more diabetes cases than anyone in our region.

We treat all forms of diabetes for patients 18 and above, including type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, diabetes and pregnancy, and diabetes due to diseases of the pancreas.

Diabetes care available includes expert consultations by an MD, diabetes training and education, continuous glucose sensors, intensive insulin therapy, insulin pumps, as well as monitoring of diabetes treated with oral medications or oral med/insulin combinations.

You are welcome in our offices, whether your diabetes is easy to treat and you want to stay that way, or if you have difficult diabetes that is hard to manage.

We handle special situations frequently, such as:  Needing to stay off insulin because you have a CDL, getting a CDL waiver when on insulin treatment, getting an FAA waiver for diabetes, treatment of diabetic neuropathy, help with hypoglycemia unawareness, assessments before planning pregnancy, and many more.

Thyroid :

If you have a known or suspected thyroid problem, we can help.

We handle all types of thyroid disorders, such as hypothyroidism (low thyroid) , hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid), thyroid nodules, enlarged thyroid (goiter), and thyroid cancer.

Much of the diagnosis of thyroid disease is based on your history, physical examination, and lab tests. For patients who have nodules, we offer on site ultrasound and nuclear testing for diagnosis. Doing this on-site is usually much less expensive than doing this in the hospital, and we will have the images instantly in our electronic record.  Ultrasound guided needle biopsies are also performed on site, again this is usually more comfortable for you and less expensive.

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